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Strengthen your back

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Everybody will probably suffer from back pain during their lifetime. And even if back pain can be caused by tight muscles, it might also be caused by weak muscles... Your body is all about balance and movement.

Balance because it is important to be able to engage the muscles of the abs AND the back to maintain correct posture. And movement because lack of mobility and sedentarity is often connected with back pain.

The exercises of this sequence will target all the back muscles of your trunk. From shoulders to glutes.

The advanced options will also challenge your balance and leg strength.

Mobility and warmup:

I am showing the warmup quicklly in the video, but take your time and warmup your back as long as you like, you can also wiggle your hips from side to side and slide slowly your body forward and back while staying on your knees if it is confortable.


Always make sure that you move slowly in and out of a position, trying to keep your body stable and your hips parallel to the floor.


Only attempt the next level of progression if you are capable of doing easilly 10 repetitions each side on the previous level of exercise.

Knee pain?

Try to put a pillow under your knees!

Safety: Only exercise within your ability and level and in a pain free range of motion. If unsure ask your health professional.

When you are done with those back exercises, complement this exercise by working on your abs with this video:

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