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This program is designed to make you stay fit for longer and is based on 4 components:
- Mobility
- Strength
- Cardio
- Balance

Is this class right for you?

This class is for you if you have:

      - joint pain (arthritis)

      - osteopenia or osteoarthritis

      - mobility restrictions (injury or prosthesis)

      - conditions like diabetes, cholesterol

      - high or low blood pressure

      - start to notice loos of balance


Overview of a "Fit for Life " class


Scientific resources on training for healthy ageing 

My approach to fitness and healthy ageing is science based and follows the recommendations from highly recognized institutions. Please refer to those websites to educate yourself further in the subject:
- Sports Medecine Australia ( https://sma.org.au/)
- Australian Government Department of Health (https://www1.health.gov.au/)
- Fitness Australia (https://fitness.org.au/)
- Australian Institute of Sport (https://ais.gov.au/home)
- Exercise is medicine (https://www.exerciseismedicine.org/)
- Effects on sedentary lifestyle (https://medlineplus.gov/)
- Healthy eating for older adults (https://www.eatright.org)

Gym Health Waiver

Before joining any class please fill out the following medical form

Do you have or eved had:
Do you have a doctor’s approval to participate in physical activities?

Thanks for submitting!

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