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Step up!

Using a step is a safe and easy way to include strength and functional balance in your daily routine.

STAY SAFE: Please always start by performing those exercises on the first step of a stair (you have a flat surface behind you) and by holding onto a handrail.

A) Facing the step, standing on its lower side

1) Start by getting comfortable with the height f your step by taping your toes on it.

2) Then by tapping your heel, you will need to extend your leg further and increase the leverage on your hip, it will also require more agility as you will have to lift your leg on the way in AND on your way out.

3) Then place your full foot on the step and slowly apply pressure until you can lift your body up, and come back down as sow as you ca.

B) Facing sideways, standing on the upper side of the step, one leg hanging.

4)Slowly step down until your toes touch the ground and come back up

5) Try to slide all the way down so your toes and heel can touch the ground

6) Keep the hanging leg totally straight and your toes UP: this way that leg can't help you to go up anymore and the full effort is concentrated un your upper leg.

PROGRESSIONS: You need to slowly build your strength and improve your balance before trying the next level. Start by performing 10 repetitions on each exercise level on each side easily before attempting the next level.

PATIENCE; Wait to see how your body will react to any new exercise before increasing the difficulty. You might feel ok while doing something new, but notice pain or swelling the following morning. I would recommend not to attempt level 6 before being able to perform level 1 to 5 easily.

WARNING: Stay close to something you can hold onto and stop if you feel any pain.

Is it too easy for you? Use a higher step!

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