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5 advanced exercises to do with a chair

Ever wonder how to train at home without special equipment or space?

Those are my favorite 5 exercises for a full-body workout you can do with only a chair (without wheels).

All those exercises have 2 levels of progressions that are only quickly shown in this video.

1a) Symmetrical squat

1b) Asymmetrical squat pushing more on one leg than the other.

2a) Plank

2b) Mountain climber

3a) Bridge

3b) Bridge kick

4a) Step up keeping contact with the floor.

4b) Lift step up (Don't stand up fully on the chair as it might be dangerous for you but try to go slowly down to make it harder)

5a) Chair lift

5b) chair lift and tilt (biceps)

Try to perform 3 rounds of 10 repetitions of each of those 5 exercises.

If you find it challenging, you should join my "Fit for Life"classes so I can help you with your form and progressions.

If it is not hard enough, you should try my"Fun for Life" classes or try to perform those exercises on the floor.

Warning: Those exercises might not be adapted to you, please ask your doctor or medical practitioner before performing them if you have any doubt. And make sure that your chair is stable and will not slide (wheels or slippery floor).

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