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How to crunch without injuring your neck?

Strong abs and core are super important to correct posture (posture changes your appearance!) and to reduce back pain. And most people think that they have to lift heir head to work on their abs. WRONG! It is about learning how to engage your abs! And doing the crunches wrong can actually be really bad for you!

So watch this video, and pick one of the 2 options:

- head resting on the floor

- lifting up, chin in

Whatever your option, keep the tension on your abs for the full length of the exercise and go slow without using your arms to roll forward! (no rocking)

I have to add a note here: If you have been wanting to "work on your abs" to have a flat tummy, first, I have to tell you that core and abs training will not make magically appear your abs, and will not specifically burn the fat there... Sorry, we will have to talk about diet to reduce belly fat...

If you want to read more about crunches, please refer to this article

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