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Daily warm-up routine to start the day on the right foot

During the night, your body stays immobile and can often favor staying in a "comfortable position" which is not always a "good" position for you to stay in. Naturally short muscles will pull and bend the joint in that direction and it might worsen some unbalances you might have.

(If you are aware of it happening to you, please consult your PT or physio who will recommend you some correcting exercises).

During the first few minutes after waking up, your senses and reflexes are also impaired as your nervous system is not totally "connected" yet. Your joints can feel more painful as they are not lubricated, and the muscles are stiffer. Making the first minutes of your day the most prone to falls.

Incorporating a morning warm-up session into your daily routine can get your body and your mind ready for the day, and hence reduce this risk of injury.

That is where this video comes in.

I recommend you to even start warming up in bed first! Take a few minutes to move every joint and stretch while still laying down. Then sit down and only stand up if you feel OK. (sitting or standing too fast can drop your blood pressure and make you faint).

Doing this routine is even more important to you if you have to go through stairs, hop into a slippery bathtub or go walk an excited dog straight away!

This is exercise too, so be ready for it.

Your body and mind will thank you!


- The National Institute on Aging, (https://www.nia.nih.gov/health/exercise-physical-activity)

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