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4 Daily leg stretches

You need your muscles to be strong AND flexible. Tight muscles on your legs can lock your hips, causing lower back pain, and bad posture. That's why you need to stretch!

Those are the 4 exercises that I recommend to do every day.

- Quadriceps and hip flexors

- Hamstring and calfs

- Glutes

- Inner thighs and back

You should stretch when you are already warm.

See my morning muscle warm-up here: https://youtu.be/KN1cc67MdiY

And you should stretch just at the right intensity: enough to feel it where you should, but not enough to be too painful. When stretching, you are pulling on muscle fibers and ligaments... They can snap! So be gentle.

We are all slightly different, and your body is made to work in 3 dimensions. So don't hesitate to adjust your position to how YOU FEEL.

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