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Calf stretch

Do you have cramps, pain on your heel, or restricted mobility in your ankle?

Stretch your calf!

If your calves are too tight, it might restrict the range of motion of your foot, and increase the risk of tears and injury on your Achilles tendon. It can also cause plantar fasciitis. (causes pain in the bottom of the heel) or cause ankle discomfort.

This deep stretch can help!

It can be done against a wall, a tree, or any heavy furniture. Make sure to position your heel as close as you can from the corner and to go back up slowly. Then, rock your hips from side to side to feel different fibers of your calves stretching.

If you don't feel it, it means that you were not low enough during the setup phase. By squatting lower, you should be able to put our heel closer to the wall. Or maybe you have let the heel slide backward while you were going up? And remember that you are stretching right if you feel it where you are meant to, but it does not hurt too much. Go slowly and control your stretch.

If you are tight, Ill recommend stretching it 3 to 4 times per day for 30 sec each side. You should feel some improvements after 2 to 3 weeks, be patient!

Always prefer stretching when your muscle is already warm (not when you just get out of bed).

If you are looking at other stretches, check this out: https://www.fitandfunlife.com/post/4-daily-leg-stretches

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