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Guide to Push-ups

Do you struggle to do a full pushup?

Do you feel some back pain the next day?

Are you not sure how to position your hands?

Well this is an extensive video answering all your questions.

You'll discover how to

- setup a strong base position

- make sure that you are using your core and not injuring your back

- build strength progressively by modifying your options

- how to adapt your hand's position depending on which muscles you want to workout.

TIP1: Choose your starting position If starting on the floor is too hard for you: perform the pushups on the corner of the kitchen bench instead! If you are able to go on the floor, try to do all your workout on your knees. Don't try a full push-up on your toes until you manage to perform 15 repetitions on your knees with good form and full range of motion without noticing any pain the next day. Then only, you can try on your toes.

TIP2: Go with gravity instead of against it Before actually being able to push yourself up, build your strength by focusing on lowering yourself as slowly as you can. Then you can come back up by "cheating" and transferring your body weight backward so your arms have a rest. It will allow you to build strength without losing technique, getting you confident in keeping your posture during the exercise.

TIP3: Change your hand position to change the muscle that is at work the most.

Wide = Peck

Close = triceps

Inclined = Shoulders

Diamond = triceps and peck


If you have some back, elbows, or elbows injuries, please ask your physio, EP or doctor if you can perform those pushups safely. There are variations and alternatives to work out those muscles that might

be more adapted to your needs, Please ask if unsure!

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