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A Good Posture

Good posture is important to avoid neck and back pain, but also to look and feel good.

A bad posture can have dangerous implications on your health (problem breathing, back pain, slip of spinal discs...). In the long term, it can even reduce your autonomy by restricting your range of motion.

Posture is the result of your long term habits and the residual muscle tension on your joints (the tension of a muscle at rest).

To understand how slowly but surely your body react to constant pressure, think about the braces we put to kids. The teeth are implanted in the jaw: which is a bone. You would think that you can't bend a bone without braking it right? Wrong!

By applying constant pressure for a long time, the bone bens and changes, allowing for the teeth to move to the desire position. And then, if no other pressure makes it move again, it will stay this way forever!

My point is that your body is malleable!

And your back is the same. If you apply to it a bad posture for a long time, letting your body succumb to gravity without using your muscles to keep it straight: it will lock that new posture in.

This video will show you how to keep a good posture AND how to prevent arching or correct it if necessary.

Let's get good postural habits by checking the position of 3 things:

1) Neck: back and up

2) Shoulders (rolled out, back and down)

3) Lower back (stand taller, suck your abs in)

Secondly, you can correct your posture by using the residual tension of your muscles (the tension left when a muscle is at rest) by:

A) Stretching the chest muscles

B) Strengthening the back muscles.

Once you know what to do, the next stage is to do it ALL THE TIME: when you sit, when you stand still, and when you walk.

Walking is a great exercise, but if your posture is bad, it can lead to back pain. I recommend adding some complementary strength exercises in our daily walk to avoid a long period of repetitive movement.

Please share this article with your friends and family and don't hesitate to contact me at melody@fitandfunlife.com if you have any questions.

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