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Stay fit and healthy for longer!

Fun workouts designed for you

How it works

This site is for you if you identify with any 3 of the following statements:
- you start to notice that "normal" workouts are not adapted to you anymore
- you have been told that you needed to exercise but don't know how to start
- you have multiple conditions that make you scared to do unsupervised workouts
- you want to minimize chances of falls and how to stay safe at home 
- you want to have fun while exercising


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Scientific resources on healty ageing:

My approach to fitness and healthy ageing is science based and follows the recommendations from highly recognized institutions. Please refer to those websites to educate yourself further in the subject:
- Sports Medecine Australia ( https://sma.org.au/)
- Australian Government Department of Health (https://www1.health.gov.au/)
- Fitness Australia (https://fitness.org.au/)
- Australian Institute of Sport (https://ais.gov.au/home)
- Exercise is medicine (https://www.exerciseismedicine.org/)
- Effects on sedentary lifestyle (https://medlineplus.gov/)
- Healthy eating for older adults (https://www.eatright.org)

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